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Meet Grace

Welcome to Modern Mommin'. I’m Grace & I’m thrilled you stopped by! If you’ve been looking for a mom blog that supports your holistic lifestyle, but doesn’t try to squeeze you into some outdated hippie stereotype (love my hippie moms out there... that's just not me), then look no further!

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Because no dream is fulfilled alone, I want to thank all those who’ve helped make this blog a reality…


To my family, Mom, Jorge, Fab, Maris, Bellah & Aiden… you should have known this was coming when I gave you all detox products & tumeric for Christmas. LOL! To the best friends a gal could ever ask for; Liz, Michelle, Brittany, Melody, Maura, Tippy, Deanna & Cookie… Here’s why I’ve been missing in action lately. Hope you all love it! To one amazing photographer, mom & friend Jennifer at Jennifer Alyssa Photography who helped me create the beautiful images you see throughout my blog. To my encouraging & loving husband Jon who not only told me I was more than capable of starting a blog, but made me believe I owed it to the world to share my passions. And last, but not least… To my real life angel & my forever little princess Mila, You have single handedly given me all the inspiration & motivation to live a purposeful life & chase my dreams!

Thank you all, Grace